Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things that make a statement

I have been practising Zen meditation for some days now.
And, maybe, it's the meditation that making me more of an observer of my own mind these days. Essentially in the meditation you just sit in awareness. So, after a while, you begin to just observe your mind instead of necessarily flowing with it or reacting to it.
Anyhow, that context explains the mood with which I woke up this morning. I had slept sort of missing mummy and papa a lot last night. I guess just being an observer to how I felt made me wake up this morning with a certain degree of openness of what else was to follow.
The morning had a weather that I have never experienced before - freezing rain. Icicles on every possible place - on cars, on railings, on every single little branch of a tree. The ground had ice that breaks as you step on it - feels like breaking spoon on an ice layered pudding.
Had a meeting in the morning which started with people talking about their experiences of the weather this morning. Of someone's big heavy labrador slipping in the driveway with every step he took trying to figure how to walk. Weather makes a statement here every passing day. It is something that you end up talking about, maybe, because you end up noticing it.
The morning meeting had a client team member I admire a lot. This was my 2nd in person meeting with her and she always leaves me inspired. She is always so much on top of her work. And, yet, she is always open to learn so much more. And, she does it all so easily making work fun. Being with people who do their job well is one thing that makes me find my work environment so much more desirable to be in for me. Such people like the weather here always make a statement without probably trying to do so.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lyrics of "Kholo kholo" from Taare Zameen Par

"Kholo kholo darwaaze, parde karo kinare,

khootein se bandhi hai hawa, milke chudao saare..

Aajao patang lae kae, apne hi rang lae kae,

aasmaan ka shamiyaana, aaj humein hai sajana..

Kyoon iss kadar hairaan tu, mausam ka hai mehmaan tu,

duniya sajji tere liye, khud ko zara pehchaan tu,

Tu dhoop hai cham se bikhar,

Tu hai nadi o bekhabar,

Behchal kahin, udd chal kahin,

Dil khush jahan teri toh manzin wahi.

Kyoon iss kadar hairaan tu, mausam ka hai mehmaan tu,

Oh zindagi toh hai patasha,

Meethi meethi si hai aasha,

Chak le rakh le, hateli se dakh le isae,

Tujh mein agar pyaas hai, baarish ka ghar bhi paas hai,

Roke tujhe kyun koi bhala, sang sang tere aakash hai.

Tu dhoop hai cham se bikhar,
Tu hai nadi o bekhabar,
Behchal kahin, udd chal kahin,
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzin wahi.

Khul gaya aasmaan ka rasta dekho khul gaya,

Mil gaya, kho gaya tha joh sitara mil gaya,

Roshan hui saari zameen,

Jagmag hua saara jahaan,

Udnae ko tu aazaad hai, bandhan koi abb hai kahan.

Tu dhoop hai cham se bikhar,
Tu hai nadi o bekhabar,
Behchal kahin, udd chal kahin,
Dil khush jahan teri toh manzin wahi.

Songs I'll always love - I think :)!

Phil Collins - On my way, Brother Bear soundtrack
Phil Collins - Both sides of the story
Cliff Richards - Congratulations and celebrations
...more to come

Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily Tid-bits

19th Nov:
- Meghna, the 8 year old, unafraid to make mistakes in her english usage:
---"...Papa...will you drop ur friends 'in a row' (read 'all together')....";
---"..no...I will be 'more than sad' to do this...." to her Papa's "...she will be more than happy to do this.."
- Remembered a 6 year old's "...give me a hankey...my nose is 'leaking'" :)
- In one area of Plano, Texas there are so many Indians that the apartment owners do the yearly painting around Pongal! The numbers of Indians in any part of the world rocks! Bhanu, my colleague, believes that like "Apna Ohio" n "Apna Kentucky" there will be "Apna Alaska" n "Apna Antartica" too some day!

11th Nov:
- Mummy: "Mujhe mixed vegetable banana nahin pasand. Agar aaj mixed vegetable banao, toh kal kaunsi sabzi banao? Koi bhi toh nahin bachhi joh kal naa khai ho." :)
- Parul attempting to articulate a requirement: "The system will facilitate the user to publish a promotion only after it undergoes an approval workflow."
Yvette: "Can we replace the word 'facilitation'? It sounds too deep." :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kyunki khoobsoorat hai badna.

Badti hoon mein roz thoda thoda...................
Apni har galti se kuch seekh leti hoon.........
Auron ki khushi ke liye kuch karti hoon.....
Kyunki khoobsoorat hai badna....................
- Parachute latest ad

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Ads on Indian television that I like.

1. Max Bupa Health Insurance: Kid does all he can to get his father to go for a morning walk.

2. Airtel's ad for recording TV through mobile: Love Kareena's acting and Saif's expressions (Kareena only talks and Saif only listens here): http://www.india365.org/kareena-kapoor-saif-ali-khan-in-airtel-digital-tv-recorder-ad/

Friday, April 30, 2010

Aadmi Aazaad Hai

"Aadmi Aazaad Hai,
Desh Bhi Swatantra Hai,
Raja Gaye Rani Gayi,
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai.
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai.

Jan Ke Liye, Jan Ke Dwara, Janta Kaa Raaz Hai;
Prajantantra Sab Se Bada, Hum Sab Ko Naaz Hai;
Vote Chota Sa Magar, Shakti Mein Anant Hai;
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai.
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai.

Khil Rahi Thi Kali Kali, Mehke Hai Har Gali;
Aap Tabhi Saanp Huae, Hum Ho Gaye Chipkali;
Satta Ki Ye Bhook Vikat, Aadi Hai Naa Ant Hai;
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai.
Ab Toh Prajantantra Hai."

- A song from "Welcome to Sajjanpur".